Holy cow mi amigos. This has been wild.

The Last week in the CCM
We had three general authorities teach us in one week. Elder Renlund on tuesday, Tad R Callister on Wednesday, and Bishop Davies on Sunday. My favorite speaker was Bishop Davies because he was kind of a loose cannon and I really enjoyed his spirit. haha he was really excited to teach us.

That beautiful parrot
really quick. A parrot flew into our class room this week at the ccm. I saw it happen. I am a witness. It was the cutest dang parrot. like nobody can understand. It was really derpy and it kept waddling around and flying into things and falling over. It waddled on my shoe and it waddled on Elder Curran´s scriptures while he was studying. freaking cute. You better believe we wrapped that beautiful parrot in a blanket and threw him out the window.

I accidentally gave away my english hymnal
it was a present from my brother. Scott, I´m sorry about this. We were at the airport with my generation all ready to get going to our missions and the tension was tense. and I was so sleepy. it was a weird experience because its like supposed to be sentimental and you say goodbye to so many friends and there is love. But the latinos broke into our casa at 1.30 in the morning and woke us all up, we rush to get ready and jump on a bus where they fill you with pomegranate juice and we don´t know whats happening because it´s all in spanish hahaha
So. At the airport we were talking with some of the latinos and one of the latinas asked me if I had a hymnal in english, and I did. So I was like " oh yeah do you want to see it?" except that it too advanced of a sentence for me to pull out on the fly. So I just said "do you want?" and I thought she might know what I meant. and anyway to be honest I just chickened out haha. After she took it and thanked me profusely I thought for a bit, talked to some other people, and then by the time I realized what had happened I didn´t have the heart to ask for it back. 
hahaha oh well, she will use that to learn english and bless her life. 

Airport and learning Spanish
The Hermanas at the airport were really excited to talk with me and teach me Spanish. I´m super grateful for any latino who will be patient enough to listen to me struggle to speak their language. I am learning faster in the field than I did in the CCM, at the same time I wish that I had tried harder in the CCM, not that I was lazy, but I just didn´t understand what it would be like to only speak spanish so much in the field.

First Day
I was really tired but at the same time like really stimulated and so much was happening and I didn´t have time to process it. There is one experience in particular that is kind of descriptive of my feelings. When me and my Trainer (Elder Calderón I´ll get to him) first got to our casa and he showed me around, I won´t lie I was like, "yo this is a sketchy dank neighbor hood" It´s like in some back alley with dust everywhere and broken down cars. I don´t think my attitude was really that bad, I was optimistic to be working here, but that was what I thought my area was, a dusty old alley. I´m in a part of Gomez Palacio, a town across the river from torreón.
Much Later in the day, we are walking back from District meeting, which was out of our area, and it was night time and it cooled down a lot and the sky looks much bigger in torreón, it´s really clear and beautiful. And we are walking and we get to this neighborhood, and it seriously looked to me like something out of a van gogh painting, the way that the light would come out of pattered windows and reflect onto painted clay homes was really beautiful, and I could hear music coming from their homes. There are some kids hanging out and playing, and I was like wow, this is a really beautiful part of town. And we get to the end of the street and my trainer is like "do you have the keys?" and i´m like "what?" haha it was our street. We had arrived home.
From what I have seen torreón is a truly beautiful place. this beautiful desert. that walk home on my very first night, what a beautiful desert.

Elder Calderón
Elder Calderón is my trainer. He is from a very southern part of mexico that starts with the "U" sound, as in utah. He wanted to be an english teacher before his mission and i am so grateful for his efforts, he never uses english except to explain spanish to me, but his english is very good. He is on his last two transfers and we are opening a semi new are together, He opened it two weeks ago. He is a powerful powerful missionary and in the very first moment that I met him, before either of us knew he was my trainer, the spirit testified to me of his goodness and that I would do alright if I would just follow him and learn as much as I can from him. 

This is getting long and i´ve used most of my time, but so much had happened in such a short amount of time that I was beginning to feel seriously overwhelmed. There were many blessings that God sent to comfort me and console me, but particularly I asked for a blessing from my trainer before I went to bed. We both gave each other  priesthood blessings, and his blessing for me was powerful. I caught about a third of it but I felt comforted. We went to be and I woke up feeling Great. All today I´ve been carrying this peace with me that comes from the spirit. God has been doing his work in my life more than ever since I came on this mission, and his work is to make men happy. Here there is love that doesn´t leave.

Elder Grilliot 







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