July 24th, 2017

Hey what is up people. i´m gonna write a fat email and you´re all gonna read it.

something cute
We eat with members every day except for monday, and then on mondays we sometimes have members ask if we will eat with them. The members here are amazing, I feel like they really treat me too well, i´m a red cheeked foreigner who can´t understand them very well and they treat me like a prince. Like really I don´t think i have ever set foot in the church building without someone offering me food haha, I really feel the words of the lord when he told his disciples not to take thought for purse or script or food. I feel supported by the hand of the lord in mexico, and His hand is the members right now.
So we were eating with a member and afterwards I was showing some of her little kids the stuff in my backpack, and I have a little pocket sized Book of Mormon in English, and I´m not sure why, but the kids dig it. They are fascinated by it. They are all like "wow! can you read that? what does it mean?" and it´s kind of a cool teaching oppertunity, but today there was this little kid and he was super interested in the maps in the back of the book, (there is a map of the U.S. that i use to show people where chicago is, because even though people recognize the name of the city, they really don´t know where stuff is at in the U.S., they´ll be like, "oh I have an uncle in L.A, Chicago is pretty close to there right?") But yeah this kid freaking loved my maps, like he kept asking me to show him the maps, and my other books he would be like, "woah dude, are there maps in that book?" , "nah, that´s my himnal." he was pretty little, probably 4 years old, and his sister is about 10 or something, and she is translating for me, because little kids are kind of hard to understand, and she says a sentence that i don´t understand, and i ask her to repeat it, and she does and i still don´t understand, and I tell her, "i´m sorry, it´s just that i´m learning spanish and i don´t understand that phrase, could you say it again using different words?" and she pauses for a second and looks at me very sincerely, "would it be easier if I spoke english?" and i kind of laugh, "well yes." and she complies, "helo!", "how are you?", "Goodbye!". And she just starts saying anything that comes to her mind with her very simple english. It was super cute. 
Everyone learns english in school here, but few people are profecient enough to speak it. But everyone thinks english is fetching cool. People like to listen to music in english and watch movies in english.

Interview with the pres
Last week I had the oppertunity to meet with my new mission president and have a chat, it was really really cool. The spirit was really strong and i thought about the stuff that we talked about all week. it was really a defining moment of my week. He told me about inspired questions, and told me that the single best way to bring the spirit into a lesson is through inspired questions. He told me that it is something particular that i should focus on and a skill i should develop through out my mission. He told me that without questions, we cannot really ponder something, and that when people ask questions, they rarely say what they want to know, but are less direct. it´s really interesting to me, and i also feel like questions are a way to show that you care about someone. It really means a lot when someone asks to about your interests. like really, the right question is like fetching candy, people can´t resist but to talk about the things that they love, and they love you for listening and understanding. it´s suave.

Elser Griljo


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