June 19th, 2017 AN INVESTIGATOR

This week has gone by pretty quicky. Some awesome stuff is happeninging here in good ol nazas. Gomez palaciooo

My comp got sick
yeah he got the throat sicks. He is a gosh dang chanmpion though and we kept working, but i could tell that it´s been a rough week for him. On thuuurrsday? we went downtown and got some medicine. The doctor lady was really friendly! my comp baught some shots, like needles and stuff. And we found a member who was willing to do the deed haha, she is a retired nurse so she knows her stuff, but it´s still a little weird to get a shot in someone´s living room. Mexico my man. 

This week we had twooo big fat meetings. One with our president on tuesday, he said goodbye to everyone and taught about inspired questions and the conversion process. And on wednesday as a zone. But get this, I have no idea how this happened, but literally our zone meeting lasted seven hours. It was fun and cool and i learned a lot, but i don´t know how it took so much time haha. After the meeting we were late to our dinner appointment but we had a really promising investigator on the other side of our area, so we rushed all the way to the other side, probably 2 miles, and he wasn´t home haha, so we walked all the way back and our dinner appointment had been waiting like 4 hours for us and we were hecka hungry. But we had good spirits, I felt happy for trying even though nothing happened.

an investigator
There is an experience that i want to talk about without revealing who i´m talking about, but heck it is something magical to see people really make changes in their lives. The first meeting we had with this investigator, I was like "heck, this feels fetching dark" like I really could see how miserable they were and that satan was just tearing them apart. We tried to teach the best we could and God reached out his hand through us, but I walked away from that first meeting not sure if we had succeed at all.
Two or three meetings later, like probably a week later, We see this investigator again and They cannot shut up about how happy they are, they say that they can´t sleep at night, because they are so full of the love of God, And they don´t want anything else. I mean heck. Heck. I can see in their eyes that they are changing and that this is real. I can´t even tell you, it´s amazing.

I can print and I love long emails to read during the week. I love all your words. I miss yall. Peace out

Elder Griliot.


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