the big email that you have all been waiting for

this is the big email that you have all been waiting for. this week was a wild one. like on the scale of wild weeks it was really rather wild. my comp doesn´t speak english and i can tell that my english is getting a little rusty again. it just feels weird. That´s a good thing though, with elder meade we spoke a lot of english and it made my spanish a little rusty. Also being with a latino comp makes me realize that i still have a lot to improve in my spanish, being with a white comp makes me think that my spanish is better than it is haha, elder zamora does not speak very clearly, and he also speaks really quickly and uses a lot of slang, it´s a good reminder that i can´t slack off on my language study. interviews this week we had interviews with pres barret, i love that man. Our president is a very careful, calculated man, he thinks things through, and so the counsel that he gives is always gold. bro khariman man last night we took a bishopric member to a lesson with us and he is rea…

Man Alive Here Comes Another E-mail

okay, I’m short on time, like I was last time, hey I’ll be short in describing the miracles that I’ve seen in these weeks. Me and elder Zamora are rocking it in Senderos, this is my new area and it is struggling, they are going to turn it into a branch they told us, but we will do our best and I really want to love this area like I did with Centenaro, man Centenaro was the best. This week I really really felt the power of God. like for about a week I just felt the spirit super strong nearly all the time. My prayers were super meaningful. A cool experience, we are really struggling to find people to teach, and I prayed and I felt inspired that God had prepared someone for us to teach and that we would find him in a specific colony of our area, and that night we were over there and me and elder Zamora sat ourselves down to talk a bit because he wasn´t feeling that great, and this drunk guy comes up to us and he asks us to come over and talk to him when he is sober, we take his address and…

A lot of Good Stuff from the Mexico Place

hey guys, in short, i´m super happy. i´m not bragging, but  i´m really happy.
here are some wonderful photos from the mexico place.

Ho Ho Ho from Mexico

I think i´m leaving centenario hey elder meade is going to get a son today in the mission. So we will be in a trio for one week and then i will probably leave centenario, that makes me pretty sad because i have really loved centenario, this has been a special place to me, I´ve really had a lot of joy here.  Today marks my 8 month mark in the mission, honestly it has gone super fast.  We found some really wonderful people this week and made a lot of progress with our investigators, really exciting things are going on in this area and the ward is so awesome. sigh. It will be hard to leave, but i feel confident that the lord knows what he is doing and has prepared a work for me in another area. 

I learned something about repentance this week Teaching the gospel of jesus christ is my favorite thing, like faith, repentance, and baptism, and as a missionary, you talk with alot of people about the same stuff alot, but everytime we teach it, the spirit teaches me something new. This week i lea…

Snow Snow in Mexico

it snowed this week! it hasn´t snowed here in 20 years, but this week it got really cold and it snowed all through the night on friday.  we live above this member lady and she is really awesome and kind and she has a grand daughter who is 5 years old and her name is abby and abby´s christmas wish this year was that she would see snow, and she was soo excited and the hermana made us tacos for breakfast and we played in the snow with her granddaughter and we snowball fought and she made a little snowman, she is super cute. she sang jinglebells in english and did a little dance, all the snow had melted by like 10 o clock, but they still canceled school.  Mexicans are a little superstitious about some health things, the bishop gave us doctor masks because he said that when you breath in cold air it goes to your lungs and gives you pnemonia, and i´m like, "dude it´s like 40 degrees, i don´t need a doctor mask". but i apreciated the thought.  more cristmas miracles, we got gifted…

Elder Grilliot Saves the World Part 1

hey guys, overall, all in all, looking at the big picture here, i had a great week. 
some freaky dreams i had i had some really freaky dreams this week, i don´t remember alot of the details, but i remember that in alot of my dreams the world ended, or almost ended, like my dreams were of problems of unreal proportions, like, epic dreams, legendary dreams, larger than life super dreams, in one dream, i armed a nuculear bomb, hid in a bunker, and waited until it blew up and destroyed everything, and i think people were trying to stop me, but i just did it anyway, and then i came out of the bunker, and i talked to my family, and then i armed the bomb again, and i went in the bunker like i did before, and there were like 3 minutes left on the bomb, and i was like, "wait why do i want to blow up the city? i like the city." and so i walk out of the bunker and disarm the bomb. weird stuff. Earlier i had a dream about the british sherlock from the series, and henry b eyering, and to…

Mexico Dogs/Christmas is Coming

man i don´t have any notes but i´m just going to think really hard and pull a beautiful email out of thin air.  This week i got better from my sick. i´m not sick anymore basically. but i can´t really remember anything super eventful from this week. I´ve been feeling low on energy as i´ve been recovering from the fever that i had.  mmm let me talk about wild dogs. There are a lot of wild dogs in mexico! and they are like kind of all abused and so they don´t like people but they also really want love at the same time. like all the dogs secretly want to be petted, but they just aren´t sure if you are going to throw rocks at them, and so they hide or get mad sometimes, the best approach i have found to dealing with wild dogs is just to not make eye contact with them, then they know that i plan on just leaving them alone, but you kind of get a sence for the dogs that feel insecure and the dogs that want love. smaller dogs are really insecure but they´re not very threatening. One time i al…