Pictures from Gomez Palacio, Mexico

Me and Elder Higgins my childhood hero. I imagine that every missionary that arrives in a foreign land has one missionary in there district that really pulls them through those first couple months, for me Elder Higgins is that homie.

Companion Elder Meade (10/16/17) me and elder gomez climbing up the hill. haha look at his face. a panoramic from the top of the hill. May pancho villa protect this city.
Here is a picture of the street gorditas and the magic they do all up in there. A gordita is basically a stuffed tortilla.

The Lazy Letter

Good morning america, i have some words for you.
let me start general and then i will get more specific as i go, that just seems good to me right now.
generally speaking I am an american boy who came to mexico with a dream.  God has an army of relief society sisters that he employs to feed me and take very good care of me, often when i thank one of the sisters for a rad meal, i like to recognize that in God´s great plan for me, he included in that plan that i would eat a lot of rad meals in mexico. i accepted that plan and i greatfully eat my fill of tacos and pozole. I think there is a lot of beauty in the little things. like, to think of all the work that had to go into my tortilla, some farmer had to work dang hard to grow that corn and some workers had to process it into flour and then dough and then some one has to deliver the corn to the tortillaria so they can put it in their machine and make beautiful tortillas, then some hermana walks to the tortillaria and buys a kilo with th…


Outside out Apartment at night

hey really short because i wasted all my time playing helicopter in the google homescreen. jk, i had very important missionary stuff to doooo

This was an awesome week me and elder meade are so dang focused let me tell you kids.

October 30 The email You've All Been Waiting For

Elder Meade (newest Companion)
 My Old Zone in Nazas,  Love these Guys!!

Elder Grilliot, october 30th. 2017 oh woow tomorrow is halloween. I just realized. Here in mexico they celebrate two holidays around this time of year. the first is halloween, but it´s not as big as american halloween, the stores give out candy to the kids but nothing else.  the day of the daed is coming the other holiday that i think is a lot bigger is the day of the dead. On the day of the dead all the people in mexico pay respect to their dead. They go visit the graves and build them a little shrine to pay their respects, they do things that they remember the dead person liked, they cook their favorite foods, and things like that.  Something really cool about this holiday, we have a cemetary in our area, it´s a huge cemetary, it´s probably nicer than most that i have seen in the u.s. and everybody goes to the cemetary on the day of the dead. So i´m excited to see and experience this part of mexican culture. it´s …

Oct. 23

This week i got to know elder meade and we did some great work together. We taught with the spirit and have a lot of progression in our area. I feel like the best missionary that i´ve ever been with elder meade. The members in our area are really wonderful. 
Elder Grilliot

October 9

This was my first week in my new area, centenario, elder gomez is my comp for another week and then he is going home to guatamala.  Our area is really big, which for me is cool, i like the change, because my last area nazas, was really small and i knew it all really well. It feels really refreshing to have a new area, i have a buch of new friends to make and people who don´t know me but are excited to know me. There is a great big hill in the middle of our area, and we climbed it one night as we were walking home and we could see all of gomez and it was really beautiful. It gave me perspective on how big the city really is. Also it`s starting to cool off a bit, it`s still hot all the time, but it`s not like painfully hot, i`m excited for january. haha Elder Gomez is really wonderful, he is spontaneous and excited and  likes to talk. He plays the uke and treats everyone like family.
the boiler This week Elder Gomez showed me how to light the boiler, we have hot water which is amazing, …


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to Todd You ok!?!?
Did you feel it. Yikes! Kinda freaking me out for you!

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