big email 26th of febuario boyo

hey chillings
it´s been a week and a half lemme just tel ya This week me and elder parra have struggled. but we have also seen some radical blessings.  All typos are intentional. the struggles
man, we just havn´t been on our game this week. if that makes sence. like, man, i have been sooooo tired. and we have really strugglied to get our studies in. i think that has made us tired and less patient. elder parra even told me, "elder, this week has been so rough because we haven´t had the spirit as much, we need to study". And we have been struggling to get our studies in because of musical practices and intercambios that were getting in the way of our normal schedule and just throwing us way off. and then on top of that i started to feel discouraged about my performance as a missionary, like oh fetch do i speak panish well? am i an efective missionary? am i good at helping people? these kinds of doubts started to enter my mind and just don´t serve any purpose. Not a fan of negit…

love you all from mexico

Bus at night On the City Bus with Elder Parra  Reading my Scriptures wrapped in a Blanket I had a dream the other night. last night. There was a lot of parts that i don´t remember but i do remember that i was chilling out in this really nice fancy living room. And i looked out the window and there was this big very green hill, it was really pretty. And there were a bunch of people walking down the hill and they all looked really happy. And i opened the window and yelled out to them, "I love you all!" and I laughed.
hna iris man let me tell yall about hna iris, she has had a tough life. She was born in nicaragua, she ran away from home when she was 14 years old, she has 9 brothers and sisters, something like that, her family is huge. She swore and oath that her parents would never see her again, got on a plane to mexico city and now she has grandkids and everything and she is still going good on her oath to never see her parents again. She was introduced to church by the mission…

Todd's 23rd Birthday video


now let me tell you about my birthday

okay. I´m gonna slow down a bit and tell you guys about the real great experiences that i´ve had with elder parra and my birthday. birthday my birthday was on tuesday. We treated it like any other day really, except that on monday when i told elder parra it was my birthday he bought me half a cheesecake. man i love cheese cake.  and elder parra. it was a great birthday. In the night some members who sell hamburgers treated us to some fat juicy hamburgers, they didn´t even know that they were answering the prayers of the many people who prayed me a hamburger for my birthday.  elder parra I love elder parra. he is honestly one of the best missionaries in the mission. He is an amazing human being and everyone he sees falls in love with him. He is from bolivia, he describes bolivia and it sounds like the best country on earth. I would very much like to visit someday. He and his 6 siblings were raised by his single mom, they are all super sucessful and wonderful people very happy and man i …

Hey nerds here comes the email

man. I got some things to say to the people out there. and i´m just gonna get it all out. first of all let me tell yall about the p day that i´ve been having. It´s been a good pday i won´t lie. but also a lot more tiring. and busy. usualy i like my pdays tranquilos. but this is a pday that is unlike other p days. monday missionary madness Boom. 6:30. the alarm. me and elder parra (the greatest missionary i have ever met) shoot out of bed and start cleaning everything. we´re cleaning machines.  the floor? cleaned it.  the stove? cleaned it.  the bathroom? cleaned it. My companion? you better believe i whipped out my very own toothbrush and gave that bad boy a good cleaning.
And in the middle of all this cleaning. We heard a knock on the door. LOUD. BOOM BOOM BOOM... we freeze in place. nobody made even a sound... me and elder parra look at eachother.  wait just a minute... we don´t have a door. It wasn´t the door at all but the jingle jangle of the cell phone. We had an incoming messag…

real fast email

3 things. this week i´ve learned about how it is a great thing to be different.  I´ve learned how to organize myself better and think about things better as a missionary. and i´ve made a wonderful soup that my companion has lovingly named, "todd soup" he loves it and so do i.

Elder Grilliot

radical sabatical lunes

man let me sum up this week by just saying it was an adventure. I´ve seen a lot of miracles this week, from really prepared people just appearing out of thin air, to investigators receiving answers in the form of dream, and me and my companion working out our differences and becoming good friends. This week i learned about being more direct with people. sometimes it´s really necessary. We had companion (exchanges) this week with the zone leaders and i learned a lot from working with them. Elder Higgins is really direct. I think i can be way too passive with people when they are goofing up. Elder Higgins taught me how i can tell people things that they need to hear if i do it with love. I really love the agency of people. It is a very beautiful thing to help someone accomplish a goal that they want to accomplish. but it is a really ugly thing to push and force someone to do something that they don´t want to do. I´ve learned to really love helping people make decisions and then help them …