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so a week ago we helped fight a wild fire! we were just walking around in purisima, looking for a sister who ended up not being home. and we were with RIGO who is a studd. (see last weeks pictures). and we saw a big fire up by the church. all the tall grass was burning. and me and my comp thought to ourselves, oh man that´s so cool, I wonder why they are doing that? and we didn´t realize! that it was an unitentional fire!! in illinoise that is really rare. and the patriarch was running back and forth from his house with buckets of water trying to put the fire out. it was on sunday. so we were in our suits, and we took of our jackets and grabbed buckets and shovels and within a few minutes we put it all out. but it was pretty crazy! i was a firefighter! 
yeah so that´s whats up with me

love yall GRILLIOT!
intercambios, i was really happy and feeling great when we finished the day. and i remember taking those selfies with elder vaught thinking "this is what i look like when i´m really …


Let me start this email with a spooky story.
So like, 5 weeks ago we had all the boys up in the church parkinglot, which is also a soccer court. and you know what we were doing??? we were playing soccer! and it was a great time. there were us 4 missionaries from chaves, and about 4 investigators, and a few members. we ussually play on fridays. and we played so good. and then! javier kicked the ball really high! and it went so high and it kept going and going! and it went right over the fence! and so we were like, oh noo, it went into the spooky neighbor´s yard. There is a guy behind the church who does freakky stuff. he has a collection of cow skulls. like, lots and lots of cow skulls, i´m not joking. on the other side of the wall of the church there is a big pile of cow skulls.  So, we get our team together and three of us go back behind the wall to look for the ball, and it´s night time. and we saw a lot of spooky stuff back there. I have some pictures, imagine this stuff, but at nigh…

alright then

this week we got to be fire fighters!! and a dog bit me! on my hand! and the police gave us a ride to the corner and i felt really scared.

I´m working up the courage to share the witchcraft story with you guys. but it´s a really spooky story. spooky! + today i talked with a man who dressed like a woman.
elder Grilliot

Thanksgiving miracles in mexico

welcome back to the elder Grilliot weekly email. I´m really hungry. but we are going to make this a good email. we will eat in about an hour. in my internet cafe there is a good smell. it smells like mashed potatoes. i dig it. 
So! i really haven´t told you guys very much for a few weeks! and that´s not because i don´t love you all. i just was having a bad time. honestly honest, if i´m speaking honestly, this was a tough cambio. i did not get along very well with my companion. The details aren´t important! the important part is what i learned! ... it was tough, but i chewed that thing down and i swallowed it. and i learned a lot probably. i hope.  I learned about dealing with people. about conflict resolution and about service. not everyone receives love in the same way! like some companions are just happy as heck if you cook for them, other comps just need encouragement, or hugs, or love letters haha, but not everyone receives love in the same way. Elder librado had a really hard time …

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