hey yall happy mothers day

well yesterday i talked with my whole family for mother’s day and it was really wonderful. Something really fun that i get to do in the phone calls is bear my testimony to my family. It makes me feel great. Yesterday after the video call i felt really awesome. it really inspired me to be a better me and a better missionary. mmm about our area and what we did this week i don`t have that much to say. let me think...
general feels about this area and my comp Elder Esparza is a wonderful guy. Really meek and good natured. He also has a great sense of humor, probably the closest to mine than any other missionary that I’ve served with. Madero is a great area, i think we can have a lot of success here. Right now we hardly have anything but  i think if we try hard we can make it happen.
covenant  power this week i have also been thinking about the power of the covenant that we have with Jesus Christ. Well all you baptized fools know what i`m talking about. Well our part of the covenant is to offer…

emergency transfers!

Well i got sent to Durango! it was a great surprise and i feel really good about it. I don´t have a lot of time but i will tell you what happened. on Wednesday in the night, me and elder Montesino went to the house of the zone leaders in district Madero. and they were like "man elder Grilliot we got some big news" and i was like "oh heck" what do i do. and i felt kind of nervous and they told us that me and elder Montesino were going to have emergency cambios. and they told me that i would be going to Durango with elder esparza, and another elder from Peru would be coming from Durango to be elder Montesinos companion. and we were really surprised, but i packed up all my stuff and left early the next day. i waited with elder Garcia and elder Montesino for an hour in the bus stop and then i got on a four hour bus ride to Durango and i love the city of Durango. it´s super green and cool. it makes Mexico look cooler. it´s still a desert but it´s a cooler desert. and the…

nos goofeamos

Today we played futból and volley ball. and elder Worthington, who is an amazing human bean, played on the byu volleyball team and he is amazing at volleyball and taught us all how to play like champs. i think volleyball is really cool now.
what is happening in syria i still don´t know what´s happening in syria, are we at war? also are we building the wall? how am i going to get home lol?
pancake tuna surprise this week i made a tuna fish sandwich and i wanted to make two sandwiches using only the one can of tuna that i had, and i knew that the one can of tuna wasn´t enough to fill two sandwiches so i tried to find something else to add that would give it more mass. usually i throw in a few eggs and it goes really well but i didn´t have eggs, but i did have pancake mix, my strange pancake mix that i made using 7up because we ran out of water. I thought about it for a bit, and then i poured the pancake mix into my tuna and cooked it all together and put it in the sandwiches. and it tasted …

The longest email i have ever written

This is for all you people that wanted more out of my emails and  i let you down. This is for all you homies that saw my email from last week and said "is that it?" This is for all you email loving rascals out there that eat big cereals. This is...
Table of contents Chapter 1: General Well being Chapter 2: Hna Iris Hurt my feelings Chapter 3: Then we ran all the way home Chapter 4: Jordy has some freaky dreams Chapter 5: Elder Sandoval told me that there was a war Chapter 6: Moises the Greatest niño of all Chapter 6: The Happy Power of Humility

Chapter 1: General Well being I think this email is ALREADY breaking records. but we will go on anyway. Well in this chapter i wanted to post the video that the kids took of me, but i can´t find it. But trust me it was a funny video.  I am doing really well. I´m really happy that i left on the mission one year ago. When i got to the mission i thought that thei already knew stuff. i thought that i wa…

Ladies and Gentleman the Todd Grilliot Show

I got so sick.  i´m sick right now actually. saturday night after priesthood session of general conference we bought food and elder parra took a bite or two of his hamburger and he was like "mmm, i don´t really feel good about this, elder grilliot do you want my hamburger?" and i was like "heck yeah chump" and i shoveled that thing into my mouth. that night and sundaymorning i was throwing up all the ways. i threw up 6 or 7 times. actually, if i think about it, i don´t think i have ever in my life thrown up so much. I threw up until there was nothing left and i was dry heaving, and then my stomach would refill with a little bit of stomach juices and i threw that up too. Right now i feel a lot better but i´m still recovering, i feel pretty weak and i don´t have much of an appitite. Elder Parra doesn´t feel that good either, but he didn´t throw up. When i first got sick elder parra was so wonderful at playing mom and taking care of me,but now that he is feeling sick…

Video of Elder Parra singing, "Volver a Empezar" (English Translation "Start Over")

Big email and Photos

This is sister Davila, she is the MOM of NEFI! a dude i met in byu idaho, i saw his wedding pictures on the wall and i freaked out! hahaha

i don´t remember taking this.

picture one and two, me and elder parra walking to the paz. its a rancho in our area and we go there a few times every week.

me showing yall what it looks like inside of an oxxo. it´s like a mexican 7-11.