August 7th, 2017

what is up? so much happened this week
temple trip k we went to the temple this week but i want to start the story a little before that, there is too much to say. First we got a call from a family in the ward this week, friday, they said that they had some problems and we went over and they told us about how they had gotten into a really bad fight with their neighbors over the garbage and it was really ugly, they asked for blessings because they were all beat up a bit, they hadn´t started the fight. they asked for blessings and we gave them blessings and then they drove us home and it started pouring rain, like alot, it never rains here, and when i got out of the car my scriptures fell in a puddle and got wet and all of my flashcards fell out of my pocket into the water and i gathered everything together and i was pretty upset, but we needed to go go go to get ready for the temple, and so i ran to get everything together and my clothes that i had laid out to dry outside were soaking w…

July 31st, 2017

This was a good week. one of the better weeks of my mission i would say.
highlights We had intercambios with the district leader on friday, I went with Elder Higgins to his area and i learned a ton man. that guys is a rockstar, Also i felt great after being with him for a day. Something small that i learned from him, just by example, is that my prayers are way more sincere and meaningful if i give them like a thesis statment, like "dear heavenly father, we are here in the house of hermana wood to enjoy a great meal and bless her home with the spirit" and then after that the rest of the prayer is way more sincere and thoughtful. I also got to eat hamburgers with the assistants this saturday, we had an investigator that we were trying to bring to see a baptism but in the end she couldn´t make it, we were bummed but we ended the day with the assistants because their area is right next to ours, and it was way chill and a good time.

The guy with one leg, there are a lot o…

July 24th, 2017

Hey what is up people. i´m gonna write a fat email and you´re all gonna read it.
something cute We eat with members every day except for monday, and then on mondays we sometimes have members ask if we will eat with them. The members here are amazing, I feel like they really treat me too well, i´m a red cheeked foreigner who can´t understand them very well and they treat me like a prince. Like really I don´t think i have ever set foot in the church building without someone offering me food haha, I really feel the words of the lord when he told his disciples not to take thought for purse or script or food. I feel supported by the hand of the lord in mexico, and His hand is the members right now. So we were eating with a member and afterwards I was showing some of her little kids the stuff in my backpack, and I have a little pocket sized Book of Mormon in English, and I´m not sure why, but the kids dig it. They are fascinated by it. They are all like "wow! can you read that? what do…

July 17th, 2017

Hey guys i gotta a lot of junk to say and i´m gonna do it all in under 30 minutes so i can respond to people. vamanos!
Richard yeah so i said i would talk about this guy. "Richard" is our investigator that we baptized last week. His real name is fetching mexican as heck this guy is a boss. I think it was my very first day in the field that i met, him and i didn´t realize that he was an investigator and my comp didn´t tell me anything. haha So we are walking down a Street talking with people and doing missionary type stuff and then i see this guy sitting outside, on his porch, he sells chips and ice cream and stuff, and this guy is Reading a book, and i´m like wow hey neat, and then my comp goes and shakes his hand and we sit down with him and i realize that he´s Reading the Book of Mormon, and i´m like oh what, and my comp is like, "so how is the Reading going?" and he´s like, "yeah i´m in 2nd Nephi" and my comp is like "so do you have a testimony t…

July 10th, 2017

that makes 12 weeks in total i´m pretty sure. 
Templo! Me and my companion are going to have the opportunity to go to the temple next month!!! A family that he baptized are going to be seal in the monterrey temple august 4th! and we get to go and participate in the ordinance, i´m super grateful for that. I can feel that it is really a tender mercy. They told me that in this mission i pretty much would never get to go to the temple. because it´s pretty far away. a lot of the members are really hoping that they will announce a Torreón temple sometime soon, that would be really cool. but i´m just stoked to get to go. 
Mexico Mexicans really are an elect people, spiritual truths are clearer in this country. It is easy to see, for example, how key the family is to our happiness, Mexicans are very family centered, and it makes them happier.  And I don´t know if it´s because i´m white, but when people talk politics they always talk about trump. I know a lot more about how mexicans feel about …


Oh my gosh.. I just now realized that tomorrow is the 4th of July! wow! haha, it doesn´t mean anything here in mexico, and the "cuatro de julio" doesn´t sound the same to me. Only just now when i wrote the title i realized that it was july. haha wow. have a great america day everybody. I´ll celebrate with a PBnJ sammich
Crossfit Today and last week we did crossfit with some other missionaries. The bishop has a crossfit gym and he is really generous and lets us use it on our p days, the work outs that he gives us are super brutal. hahaha it´s a good time. it feels good for my body.
Sleepy This week i think the sleepies really hit me. I get 8 hours of sleep every night, or more. but i´m still tired alot.
Spicy stuff I can eat spicy foods, a lot of mexicans are not used to a gringo who can do the spicy. It´s the key to winning the hearts and souls of the members. Eat chilies. haha
Español I´m learning more and more all the time. The biggest hurdle right now is understanding people…