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to Todd You ok!?!?
Did you feel it. Yikes! Kinda freaking me out for you!

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With Love from Mexico

okay gang. hold on tight. This email is hot hot hot.
This will literally be the greatest email that i have ever written. Let us begin.
The 15th of Spetember The 15th is a great big holiday here in mexico. It is the Day of independence of mexico, similar to our fourth of July. On Thursday we had a ward activity which saw super successful in my opinion, activities aren´t always super conductive to missionary work, but with the right ingredients they can be very effective. We walked out of that party with a bunch of new appointments and people to visit and a large amount of horchata and some other mysterious drink that is really goood. There was a flag ceremony and we sang the nacional anthem, i didn´t know any of the words but it didn´t matter, I sung that song in such a way that any mexican would be proud.
Letty Letty is an investigator who is so sweet and kind to us. I just wanted to share this little kindness. She recently moved here into a new house and she is searching for work and s…

Pictures of my Companion Elder Villatoro

Good Times in Mexico

me and my comp Elder Villatoro , , a cool sunset
and me on exchanges with Elder Bermudez (the older gentleman is one of the kindest members that i have met here in mexico and he always helps the missionaries out in Campestre)

Here is my street, some street food (gorditas)


This was a tough week. but not without some cool blessings.

the great and abominable church In mexico, cocacola is huge, at first i didn´t understand. The majority of people drink at least one cocacola every day. It is a strange thing to drink water with your meals. A returned missionary from texas told us, "man, in the US they drink plain water like all the time, it´s so wierd" because here in mexico they either drink cocacola, or like, kool aid. there is sugar in everything. In america there are laws that define how much sugar there can be in a beverage, but not here. And that is why diabetes is such a huge problem here in mexico. The company cocacola is huge, like really, they must own mexico. I´ve heard people say things like "man, seriously i haven´t had a cocacola all day, i need to rest." and every corner there is a store for cola.
dave We are teaching a man who has had problems with drinking all of his life. Dave is about 50 years old and he lives alone and f…

Primary Class Q & A

Sister Swartz sent me a letter with some questions from the kids in primary.
Andreu Davis "are you having any success teaching people the gospel?" Andreu! Great Question! Yes, we are having success. the people of mexico are very friendly and have great faith. As many as we can help to feel the spirit and read the book of mormon recieve a testimony that Jesus Christ has restored his church. God works very hard to prepare people so that the will be able to feel the spirit when we come to teach them. Many people here in mexico have lived very hard lives, some are very sick or very poor or very lonely, but the greatest joy that we have as missionaries is to help to poor in heart feel the love of God.
Chamae Silvey "What are you learning on your mission?" WOW great question! haha I am learning TONS on my mission. I´m learning a lot about myself and my different strengths and weaknesses, and how to use my strengths to help people. I´ve learned a lot about how to help pe…

Homeless Steve/How to Eat/The power of Pondering

okay listen up good because i´m gonna unload a fat weeks worth of mexico onto all yalls and there is nothing you can do about it.

Homeless Steve We were contacting on the far side of our area and we saw this guy sitting in the shade and he was watching us knock on doors and we went over and talked to him. He was really thin and young, like 26 years old, and I remember thinking "man those are cool pants". And he spoke really softly and it was hard for me to understand everthing that he said. But he was happy to talk to us, he told us that he didn´t have a place to live and that he had lost his job, that he was pretty heavily using drugs and because of the drugs had lost his apitite and hadn´t eaten in three days. Elder Villatoro was full of charity for this dude and told him that he would buy him food but the guy declined. Elder Villatoro is wonderful, just a side note. The guy talked about how he felt that he had fallen out of the grace of God and wanted to change but didn´t k…