July 10th, 2017

that makes 12 weeks in total i´m pretty sure. 

Me and my companion are going to have the opportunity to go to the temple next month!!! A family that he baptized are going to be seal in the monterrey temple august 4th! and we get to go and participate in the ordinance, i´m super grateful for that. I can feel that it is really a tender mercy. They told me that in this mission i pretty much would never get to go to the temple. because it´s pretty far away. a lot of the members are really hoping that they will announce a Torreón temple sometime soon, that would be really cool. but i´m just stoked to get to go. 

Mexicans really are an elect people, spiritual truths are clearer in this country. It is easy to see, for example, how key the family is to our happiness, Mexicans are very family centered, and it makes them happier. 
And I don´t know if it´s because i´m white, but when people talk politics they always talk about trump. I know a lot more about how mexicans feel about trump than the president of mexico. they don´t like trump. haha

understanding spanish
This week i felt that understanding was easier, spanish, that is. Really i just had a benchmark. We had exchanges this week, and i was with another elder in our area, elder bermudez, a freaking champion. and me and him are working and he was teaching me about the authority of our calling and then I realized, "man, i understand what he is teaching me more or less" and it´s significant because my trainer, elder calderón, speaks english and is used to speaking in a way that i understand. Elder Bermudez was just going off, and i remember in the CCM when my teachers would speak really clearly and really slowly and i would have to try so hard and just barely understand the basic meaning. haha 

This dude
Something a little weird i was thinking about this week. An elder once told me that on his mission he was physically tired, mentally tired, and spiritually tired. But that hasn´t been my experience. I´m physically and mentally tired, but my spirit is ready man, it doesn´t get tired. and i´m thinking about how it is important to let the spirit lead the body and things like that, 
and then we meet this dude, Doug, and doug is about 70 years old, and he has diabetes or something really bad that hasn´t been treated properly, and he tells us that he thinks he will die soon, and he has these gashes in his ankles that are really ungly, and it´s difficult for him to walk and he has seen doctors and he really doesn´t want to get his legs amputated, and it´s just really ungly man.
And it just confirms my testimony that this life is not the real thing, these bodies that we have are only temporary, they will die. But the spirit lives on, and if we spend our lives with our bodies in control of our spirit, then our spirit isn´t very strong, but if we take control and use our agency correctly, we will keep this strength in the next life.

yesterday we had our first baptism, i´ll tell you about this dude next week becasue i´m low on time, but i was thinking also about the ordinance, it felt good. it felt really good. The spirit was there to testify that this was the right path, and it was there because our investigator, Richard, had great faith, he prepared himself, and he performed the ordinance (baptism) with a sincere heart.
I learned a lot of cool stuff yesterday thinking about this experience. The both of us got to go in the font, because richard only has one leg, but i got to say the words in spanish which was pretty cool, afterward there was cake and his confirmation, and me and my comp were fasting so we didn´t eat cake, and one of the sisters noticed and gave us like a to go box with like triple the cake we would have normally eaten haha

oh hey there is a blog for those who didn´t know, just google search my name or something and there is all the previous emails. 

next week i promise there will be pictures haha
okay i´m gonna go

Elder Grilliot RAD DAD Grilliot


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