Cereal Story and Picture of Richard's baptism

From the deepest part of my heart, i would like to welcome you to my weekly email and congradulate you on being cool enough to make the cut.

here´s a fun fact that i learned here in mexico, phil collins speaks fluent spanish and everyone of his songs from the tarzan soundtrack has been translated and recorded in spanish, it´s pretty cool. phil collins is the man. 

This week I went to eat some cereal, it was nesquick cereal, that stuff is the bomb by the way, i thought it would be way sugary, but really i feel great eating it, i feel fit and healthy, but i am eating too much here in mexico, if i don´t change my eatign habits, i´m going to gain a lot of weight here, a lot of the time i eat in response to stress, and missions can be stressful. 
So i take my box of cereal and i realize that our bowl is in the sink, (me and elder calderón have one bowl that we share between us, it is a sacred trust between brothers, to share a bowl.) well i take the bowl and i start to wash it, but i remember that i had just eaten out of it the night before and i figured it couldn´t be that dirty, so i just rinsed it off with water like a dang fool. and I fill that bowl with nesquick and milk and i start to go to town. but as i look down at my bowl i notice that something is off. There are ants in my cereal, like a lot of ants, i was really discouraged and a little hurt, because i really wanted to eat this bowl of cereal, and i call over my companion and he anylalizes the situation, and finally says to me "ah elder no importa!" and you better believe i ate that bowl of cereal, ants or no ants, we are missionaries and we don´t mess around when it comes to cereal.

Today Elder Calderón left my life for good. I´ll miss him dearly. He left me with this handsome weiner, Elder Villatoro, from guatamala i think, he has 6 months in the mission and a good smile. i´ve only known this kid for about an hour but i can already tell that he is going to be my best friend. We will sing together, laugh together, cry together, maybe i´ll let him use the bowl, maybe not.
But i´m excited to work with him and do some good stuff here in Nazas, Elder Calderón told me that in all of his mission, Nazas was his favorite area, it´s pretty cool, the members rock. Especially the bishop.

Love you guys

Elder Grilliot


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