July 17th, 2017

Hey guys i gotta a lot of junk to say and i´m gonna do it all in under 30 minutes so i can respond to people. vamanos!

yeah so i said i would talk about this guy. "Richard" is our investigator that we baptized last week. His real name is fetching mexican as heck this guy is a boss. I think it was my very first day in the field that i met, him and i didn´t realize that he was an investigator and my comp didn´t tell me anything. haha
So we are walking down a Street talking with people and doing missionary type stuff and then i see this guy sitting outside, on his porch, he sells chips and ice cream and stuff, and this guy is Reading a book, and i´m like wow hey neat, and then my comp goes and shakes his hand and we sit down with him and i realize that he´s Reading the Book of Mormon, and i´m like oh what, and my comp is like, "so how is the Reading going?" and he´s like, "yeah i´m in 2nd Nephi" and my comp is like "so do you have a testimony that Joseph Smith is a prophet?" and Richard is like "yeah totally dude" and literally it´s my first day in mexico haha and i am like "wow this country rocks" hahaha
Richard was in a bad car accident and he lost his leg, he also lost two of his children in a different car accident. really sad, we have seen some miracles with members and fellowshipping with people who knew his children or helped in the rescue effort. One member came with us to a teaching appointment and had actually seen the crash with his own eyes and was able to confort Richard and tell him important details about the deaths of his children that he couldn´t have known otherwise.
Richard has a testimony so dang strong, when he speaks from the heart, I feel the spirit, he knows that this is the true church and he wants to help his family to be baptized and wants to help us with missionary Work, he is such a convert.
Also something else cool. Before his baptism he had stomach pains that he has had for a hecka long time. it was a big problema becasue a few times a week they would come out of nowhere and it was difficult to get him to the church becasue half the sundays he was sick in bed. i don´t know if Richard remembers this but i do, that my companion Elder Calderón promised him that after his baptism his stomach would improve as one of the affects of the gift of the holy spirit. It has been a Little over two weeks since his baptism and confirmation and he hasn´t had any problems with his stomach. God keeps his promises, whether by his own mouth or by the mouth of his servants.

hey so we were in a lesson and we are teaching this family, and they live in really poor circumstances and the grandma is super religios, like a Little zelous, she called us sinners because we believe in dancing. anyway, it is our very first lesson with this family and i knew that they had a son who was a Little out there mentally, but i wasn´t prepared for this. I go to say the opening prayer to start this lesson and we all close our eyes and i´m trying to pray really sincerely and while i´m praying i hear some footsteps like someone just entered the room  but i keep going strong. "en el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen..." and I open my eyes and lift up my head, and like a fetching ninja, not three feet in front of me, is a very obese, middle aged, naked man.
It was a great lesson.

Homeless guy
Also in a park a homeless guy told us some fetching cool stuff. He was so excited about his ideas and man his brain was interesting, he said some weird stuff but all in all i felt very educated after talking with him. I felt like i understood Moroni 7 better, about everything that is good comes from God, That all that is good creates more good, "good plus good equals good" it is really simple, like it´´s easy to tell if something is good or evil. neato. He moved here from Vera cruz because he had some problems with his family and he lives in the park and sells drugs. He is working on plans to build a machine to recycle materials. He had a blueprint and he would write really fast, like his mind was moving at a million miles per hour. A lot of the stuff he said was like halfway genius halfway nonsense. It was pretty funny but really i was like "wow how interesting, the human mind is pretty amazing"

K i have more to say but i´ll save it for next week. love you guys.
This was a really good week. There was a lot more rain and less sun, we had clouds this week and also a lot of other cool blessings, i feel like i learned a TON this week. lots of fetching cool thoughts, i wrote a lot in my journal.

Elder rad dad Grilliot


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