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I think I told you last week about fixing the roof of the house, these are the pictures!

look at this mexican vending machine!
me and la hermana valtierraThe freaking coolest little kids ever. they were really fascinated by my camera


They grabbed my photos and took photo

the email number 82

okay kiddos. herés the stuff i promised from last time. i´ll try to get through it all.

the story of Elder Grilliot, Chess Legend. i´m a chess legend here in the mission. I don´t even think that i´m the best player. Elder Saico beat me about half the time, and this one kid elder godinez beat me one time. But really. In the mission gossip travels really fast, and the gossips about elder Grilliot is that no one can beat him at chess. It´s because one time everyone in the zone got together and we played chess and no one could beat me. and now people come up to me and say, "i heard you are the best chess player in the mission" and sometimes they challenge me to a chess match. it´s kind of cool honestly.
A heart touching story about a man who went to church with us. Jose Manuel. My first day here in nuevo linares we were walking around at night and I guy came up to us. I don´t know if he contacted us, or if we contacted him, because it kind of seemed like he was about to say someth…

here we go yall

me at that weird church activity when the ladies danced like babies. you can see some of the ladies there in the back. You can also see how small the room was where they danced.

man it´s been a wild time. I have a lot to tell you guys.

mexico week this week we had the day of independence of mexico. it´s the 16th. we had a cool church activity celebrating it. There are two branches here in chaves, some investigators of ours went to the activity of the other branch so we went to sit with them. and then next week our branch will have there activity. We are going to try to invite people in all the houses that are close to the church.  Also, we are in charge of another branch called purisima, it´s way out in the middle of nowhere and it´s a really small rancho town. We have to hitchhike to get out there. I´m actually saving a lot of money in this area because we almost never take buses, we do almost everything through the power of hitchhiking. The mexico day activity that we had in purisma w…

wow big week

wow it has been a big week and i feel like i have a lot of things to tell you guys about.

nuevo linares is a small town about 30 minutes outside of torreon. it is a lot less developed than durango or torreon and there are dirt roads and horses and junk. This week it has rained a lot and they are not very prepared for it here and there is a lot of flooding and other problems. It rains way more in durango, but here it´s like litterally on disaster alert just because they had a few heavy rains. but it is pretty ugly, a lot of streets are blocked off and everyone had water in their house. we got a little bit of water in our house two but it´s all good, we just use a broom to sweep it off the porch, we live on the second story but the house isn´t very well made so water gets in throught the sliding glass door.
treasure house story oh man this is a sweet story that a member told us this week. Her name is celia, she is from a large family, she has nine brothers and sisters, they are 10 in tot…

nuevo linares here i go!

hey boys and girls. today we have cambios. Elder saico is staying in madero and i´m going BACK to nuevo linares. the same area that i got sent to for three days and then they changed me. I´m writing from the offices. I´m waaay tired because i haven´t been sleeping very well and we also didn´t get the chance to sleep much last night. packing and stuff. anyway, here in the offices i ran into president and he just said "the lord really wants you in nuevo linares elder."

i´ll write agin tomorrrowww  elder grilliot

every time i change areas it feels like a rebirth. no one here knows me and i have a totally blank page. it gives me a lot of hope and motivation to be able to do something cool.
I´m in nuevo linares again, and my new companion is elder quiroz. He is from equador, he has 3 months in the mission, and is from the same generation of missionaries as elder saico, that is, he and elder saico started the mission at the same time. Elder quiroz had a really bad time with his la…