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it may be my last week in madero

his was a pretty good week. things between me and elder saico are better than ever, i actually really like the guy. me cae bien. we are understanding eachother a lot better and laughing a lot more. i think we have both improved a lot in these weeks and i feel like my spanish has gotten pretty good here. We think that i´m going to get transfered this week. and so i´m kind of looking at all my time here in madero and all i´ve acomplished and i have to say that i´ve really loved this area, maybe we accomplish all the stuff i wanted to, but i´ve definately left the area better than i found it and helped a good deal of people, and i´ll be leaving behind some awesome investigators for elder saico and his comp. 
righto this week someone told me that they caught trump? that he did a bunch of bad stuff and his lawer is going to spend 64 years in jail or something. and that they want to impeach trump. man, people hate trump here. I don´t know what to think about it but i hope that justice is se…


PART 1: ELDER SAICO DELETES ALL MY PHOTOS OF MY MISSION it´s true. so last week i gave elder saico my memory card from my camera so that he could send some of my photos to his family because he doesn´t have a camera yet. So I let him borrow that bad boy and he did his dirty work, and gave me back the memory. and then three days later i went to check my camera, and it said that i didn´t have anything on the memory, and i was like "wut". and elder saico has no idea what happened. And yeah we checked on a computer and it was all gone. Every photo that i´ve taken on my mission, so the only thing that is left are the photos that i´ve sent to you guys. that´s justice i guess. in the end, i only get to keep the pictures that i gave. I don´t feel that upset about it actually, i understand that things happen and i don´t blame elder saico
PART 2: GOING TO CHURCH so we had a lot of success this week in the church, that is to say, all the people we wanted to go to church ended up going. …


this week two funny things happened. i´ll tell yall bout it. 

we met a taxi driver who worships the mormon temple in saltlake. Like he told us about how some misisonaries gave him a photo of the saltlake temple and he thought it was really pretty and so he kept it in his taxi and he would pray to it and ask it for blessings. I´ve seen a lot of mormon things made into idols by some well meaning catholics actually. Alot of del parson paintings get worshiped, and even the pass along cards and folletos that we give out. goofy.
Also we were in a lesson with a kid named bryan. and byan is like 15 years old and hey he went to church yesterday! but anyway, we went to his house on satudray, and the lesson lasted more than 30 minutes, and at the end of the lesson we were talking to him and i saw a photo that he had of a dog, and i asked him about it and he said "yeah that´s our old dog, she passed away a few years ago. we got a new one. and he died too. he´s actually right out there" …