July 31st, 2017

This was a good week. one of the better weeks of my mission i would say.

We had intercambios with the district leader on friday, I went with Elder Higgins to his area and i learned a ton man. that guys is a rockstar, Also i felt great after being with him for a day. Something small that i learned from him, just by example, is that my prayers are way more sincere and meaningful if i give them like a thesis statment, like "dear heavenly father, we are here in the house of hermana wood to enjoy a great meal and bless her home with the spirit" and then after that the rest of the prayer is way more sincere and thoughtful.
I also got to eat hamburgers with the assistants this saturday, we had an investigator that we were trying to bring to see a baptism but in the end she couldn´t make it, we were bummed but we ended the day with the assistants because their area is right next to ours, and it was way chill and a good time.

The guy with one leg, there are a lot of trials in his family right now. His niece had his foot amputated, his daughter got pregnant, and he got really sick, he is in the hospital right now and he has been for about a week. We gave him a blessing on saturday and I feel really confident that these trials are blessings in the eyes of God, that there is something better that God wants to Give him and his family. And heck, Richard is so freaking faithful in this super difficult time. My heart goes out to him.

Last week i had my first case of real diarrhea in mexico, it´s pretty common but heck it´s lame dude. haha We were in the streets and I was like "oh heck elder i need to use the bathroom like bad" and Elder Calderón is super chill like, "yeah okay there is a bathroom in the church" and we were going there anyway because there was a fútbol tournament and we invited an investigator. Man that was such a loong walk. and then i was in the bathroom for a good while, and afterwards i just felt exhausted. like sleepy. I almost fell asleep on the toilet. Once i had climbed out of the bathroom the bishop came up to my and stuck fifty pesos in my front pocket and told me to buy myself some pepto bismal. It was super nice of him and i had used my budget for that week, blessings dude.

Hey in spanish the "ya" sound and the "ja" sound are spelled the same, and a member asked me what the difference is between the word "jello" and "yellow". it´s interesting though, because she had trouble hearing the difference, like her mind has been trained to meld them together. 

You guys rock. Every word that you guys send me is gold, sorry if i take a while to respond. love love love

Elder Grilliot

oh heck one more thought
tortillas are really good. like in america we don´t eat tortillas. we eat bread that is really flat. in mexico, tortillas are like good homemade, fresh baked bread, like it´s really enjoyable, and i explained to my companion that even in mexican restaurants we don´t always have tortillas, like here there are always tortillas, i was eating sprghetti and there were tortillas, you roll up the tortilla and use it like a fork or something. it´s rad. like i can eat straight tortillas and it is an enjoyable meal. and a kilo of tortillas is only 10 pesos, like 50 cents. rad stuff yo.


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