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With Love from Mexico

okay gang. hold on tight. This email is hot hot hot.
This will literally be the greatest email that i have ever written. Let us begin.
The 15th of Spetember The 15th is a great big holiday here in mexico. It is the Day of independence of mexico, similar to our fourth of July. On Thursday we had a ward activity which saw super successful in my opinion, activities aren´t always super conductive to missionary work, but with the right ingredients they can be very effective. We walked out of that party with a bunch of new appointments and people to visit and a large amount of horchata and some other mysterious drink that is really goood. There was a flag ceremony and we sang the nacional anthem, i didn´t know any of the words but it didn´t matter, I sung that song in such a way that any mexican would be proud.
Letty Letty is an investigator who is so sweet and kind to us. I just wanted to share this little kindness. She recently moved here into a new house and she is searching for work and s…

Pictures of my Companion Elder Villatoro

Good Times in Mexico

me and my comp Elder Villatoro , , a cool sunset
and me on exchanges with Elder Bermudez (the older gentleman is one of the kindest members that i have met here in mexico and he always helps the missionaries out in Campestre)

Here is my street, some street food (gorditas)


This was a tough week. but not without some cool blessings.

the great and abominable church In mexico, cocacola is huge, at first i didn´t understand. The majority of people drink at least one cocacola every day. It is a strange thing to drink water with your meals. A returned missionary from texas told us, "man, in the US they drink plain water like all the time, it´s so wierd" because here in mexico they either drink cocacola, or like, kool aid. there is sugar in everything. In america there are laws that define how much sugar there can be in a beverage, but not here. And that is why diabetes is such a huge problem here in mexico. The company cocacola is huge, like really, they must own mexico. I´ve heard people say things like "man, seriously i haven´t had a cocacola all day, i need to rest." and every corner there is a store for cola.
dave We are teaching a man who has had problems with drinking all of his life. Dave is about 50 years old and he lives alone and f…

Primary Class Q & A

Sister Swartz sent me a letter with some questions from the kids in primary.
Andreu Davis "are you having any success teaching people the gospel?" Andreu! Great Question! Yes, we are having success. the people of mexico are very friendly and have great faith. As many as we can help to feel the spirit and read the book of mormon recieve a testimony that Jesus Christ has restored his church. God works very hard to prepare people so that the will be able to feel the spirit when we come to teach them. Many people here in mexico have lived very hard lives, some are very sick or very poor or very lonely, but the greatest joy that we have as missionaries is to help to poor in heart feel the love of God.
Chamae Silvey "What are you learning on your mission?" WOW great question! haha I am learning TONS on my mission. I´m learning a lot about myself and my different strengths and weaknesses, and how to use my strengths to help people. I´ve learned a lot about how to help pe…

Homeless Steve/How to Eat/The power of Pondering

okay listen up good because i´m gonna unload a fat weeks worth of mexico onto all yalls and there is nothing you can do about it.

Homeless Steve We were contacting on the far side of our area and we saw this guy sitting in the shade and he was watching us knock on doors and we went over and talked to him. He was really thin and young, like 26 years old, and I remember thinking "man those are cool pants". And he spoke really softly and it was hard for me to understand everthing that he said. But he was happy to talk to us, he told us that he didn´t have a place to live and that he had lost his job, that he was pretty heavily using drugs and because of the drugs had lost his apitite and hadn´t eaten in three days. Elder Villatoro was full of charity for this dude and told him that he would buy him food but the guy declined. Elder Villatoro is wonderful, just a side note. The guy talked about how he felt that he had fallen out of the grace of God and wanted to change but didn´t k…

Cereal Story and Picture of Richard's baptism

From the deepest part of my heart, i would like to welcome you to my weekly email and congradulate you on being cool enough to make the cut.
here´s a fun fact that i learned here in mexico, phil collins speaks fluent spanish and everyone of his songs from the tarzan soundtrack has been translated and recorded in spanish, it´s pretty cool. phil collins is the man. 
This week I went to eat some cereal, it was nesquick cereal, that stuff is the bomb by the way, i thought it would be way sugary, but really i feel great eating it, i feel fit and healthy, but i am eating too much here in mexico, if i don´t change my eatign habits, i´m going to gain a lot of weight here, a lot of the time i eat in response to stress, and missions can be stressful.  So i take my box of cereal and i realize that our bowl is in the sink, (me and elder calderón have one bowl that we share between us, it is a sacred trust between brothers, to share a bowl.) well i take the bowl and i start to wash it, but i reme…

Pictures of our District and Amazing Baptism

Our District 6-17 to 8-21  This is the District!  Wonderful People  This handsome guy is elder Higgings!!  Elder Higgings and I on P-day  Our backyard clothes washing area!  Ordering Pizza outside our house with Elder Calderon and a member. We had a baptism, the family in the last picture is really important to me, really amazing people!!

Baptism with Elder Calderon

Pictures back from the MMTC


August 7th, 2017

what is up? so much happened this week
temple trip k we went to the temple this week but i want to start the story a little before that, there is too much to say. First we got a call from a family in the ward this week, friday, they said that they had some problems and we went over and they told us about how they had gotten into a really bad fight with their neighbors over the garbage and it was really ugly, they asked for blessings because they were all beat up a bit, they hadn´t started the fight. they asked for blessings and we gave them blessings and then they drove us home and it started pouring rain, like alot, it never rains here, and when i got out of the car my scriptures fell in a puddle and got wet and all of my flashcards fell out of my pocket into the water and i gathered everything together and i was pretty upset, but we needed to go go go to get ready for the temple, and so i ran to get everything together and my clothes that i had laid out to dry outside were soaking w…

July 31st, 2017

This was a good week. one of the better weeks of my mission i would say.
highlights We had intercambios with the district leader on friday, I went with Elder Higgins to his area and i learned a ton man. that guys is a rockstar, Also i felt great after being with him for a day. Something small that i learned from him, just by example, is that my prayers are way more sincere and meaningful if i give them like a thesis statment, like "dear heavenly father, we are here in the house of hermana wood to enjoy a great meal and bless her home with the spirit" and then after that the rest of the prayer is way more sincere and thoughtful. I also got to eat hamburgers with the assistants this saturday, we had an investigator that we were trying to bring to see a baptism but in the end she couldn´t make it, we were bummed but we ended the day with the assistants because their area is right next to ours, and it was way chill and a good time.

The guy with one leg, there are a lot o…

July 24th, 2017

Hey what is up people. i´m gonna write a fat email and you´re all gonna read it.
something cute We eat with members every day except for monday, and then on mondays we sometimes have members ask if we will eat with them. The members here are amazing, I feel like they really treat me too well, i´m a red cheeked foreigner who can´t understand them very well and they treat me like a prince. Like really I don´t think i have ever set foot in the church building without someone offering me food haha, I really feel the words of the lord when he told his disciples not to take thought for purse or script or food. I feel supported by the hand of the lord in mexico, and His hand is the members right now. So we were eating with a member and afterwards I was showing some of her little kids the stuff in my backpack, and I have a little pocket sized Book of Mormon in English, and I´m not sure why, but the kids dig it. They are fascinated by it. They are all like "wow! can you read that? what do…

July 17th, 2017

Hey guys i gotta a lot of junk to say and i´m gonna do it all in under 30 minutes so i can respond to people. vamanos!
Richard yeah so i said i would talk about this guy. "Richard" is our investigator that we baptized last week. His real name is fetching mexican as heck this guy is a boss. I think it was my very first day in the field that i met, him and i didn´t realize that he was an investigator and my comp didn´t tell me anything. haha So we are walking down a Street talking with people and doing missionary type stuff and then i see this guy sitting outside, on his porch, he sells chips and ice cream and stuff, and this guy is Reading a book, and i´m like wow hey neat, and then my comp goes and shakes his hand and we sit down with him and i realize that he´s Reading the Book of Mormon, and i´m like oh what, and my comp is like, "so how is the Reading going?" and he´s like, "yeah i´m in 2nd Nephi" and my comp is like "so do you have a testimony t…

July 10th, 2017

that makes 12 weeks in total i´m pretty sure. 
Templo! Me and my companion are going to have the opportunity to go to the temple next month!!! A family that he baptized are going to be seal in the monterrey temple august 4th! and we get to go and participate in the ordinance, i´m super grateful for that. I can feel that it is really a tender mercy. They told me that in this mission i pretty much would never get to go to the temple. because it´s pretty far away. a lot of the members are really hoping that they will announce a Torreón temple sometime soon, that would be really cool. but i´m just stoked to get to go. 
Mexico Mexicans really are an elect people, spiritual truths are clearer in this country. It is easy to see, for example, how key the family is to our happiness, Mexicans are very family centered, and it makes them happier.  And I don´t know if it´s because i´m white, but when people talk politics they always talk about trump. I know a lot more about how mexicans feel about …


Oh my gosh.. I just now realized that tomorrow is the 4th of July! wow! haha, it doesn´t mean anything here in mexico, and the "cuatro de julio" doesn´t sound the same to me. Only just now when i wrote the title i realized that it was july. haha wow. have a great america day everybody. I´ll celebrate with a PBnJ sammich
Today and last week we did crossfit with some other missionaries. The bishop has a crossfit gym and he is really generous and lets us use it on our p days, the work outs that he gives us are super brutal. hahaha it´s a good time. it feels good for my body.
Sleepy This week i think the sleepies really hit me. I get 8 hours of sleep every night, or more. but i´m still tired alot.
Spicy stuff I can eat spicy foods, a lot of mexicans are not used to a gringo who can do the spicy. It´s the key to winning the hearts and souls of the members. Eat chilies. haha
Español I´m learning more and more all the time. The biggest hurdle right now is understanding people…


k there is so much i have to say and i know i´m not going to get to it all. I apologize for typos, i´m going to try to type fast.
Tamales I had my first tamales from mexico and they are the best. seriously one of my favorite foods, they tell me that christmas is tamale season so watch out haha. food here is awesome it is true. haha but really it´s incredible and super fresh, i always feel healthy and full, like eating a baked potato, it´s just gosh dang wholesome. Still, sometimes i just want a big fat messy burger or a pizza. oh also i eat a lot of sugar in mexico, like i think it´s because i am a missionary and members buy us a lot of sweets. oh hey there is an ice cream place that is freakinhg legit, food is cheap here in mexico, like eating out is cheap, groceries are about the same, but we can buy a FAT ice cream cone, like almost as wide as my head, for 15 pesos, which is like 80 cents. frreaking legit my man.
The Ward The first sacrament meeting that i went to in mexico. we show…

June 19th, 2017 AN INVESTIGATOR

This week has gone by pretty quicky. Some awesome stuff is happeninging here in good ol nazas. Gomez palaciooo
My comp got sick yeah he got the throat sicks. He is a gosh dang chanmpion though and we kept working, but i could tell that it´s been a rough week for him. On thuuurrsday? we went downtown and got some medicine. The doctor lady was really friendly! my comp baught some shots, like needles and stuff. And we found a member who was willing to do the deed haha, she is a retired nurse so she knows her stuff, but it´s still a little weird to get a shot in someone´s living room. Mexico my man. 
Meetings This week we had twooo big fat meetings. One with our president on tuesday, he said goodbye to everyone and taught about inspired questions and the conversion process. And on wednesday as a zone. But get this, I have no idea how this happened, but literally our zone meeting lasted seven hours. It was fun and cool and i learned a lot, but i don´t know how it took so much time haha. Aft…


really short second week in the field. I´m going to make this faster because I have a lot of emails that I haven´t had a chance to read yet. today I´m just going to read and respond if that's chill
This has been a tough week in truth. It´s difficult to communicate my feelings with my companion effectively, but he is very patient. I´ve also seen great blessings and tender mercies this week, trials always teach us about our savior.
People here think that my red cheeks are because of the sun, they are always asking me about my sunburn haha
We gave a lot of blessings this week. In every blessing I´m a little confused because I don´t know what the blessing is for. One blessing in particular I had no idea why we were giving it,it was for a wealthy strong body building type of dude who seems like he has his life pretty well put together. and I´m the one giving the blessing and in honesty, I don´t understand why he asked for a blessing. And in the blessing I keep talking about his work an…


completing my first week in the field. It´s been a wild time. many many stories. I don´t think i´ll have time.
How we work We walk around the streets of gomez talking to people. People in mexico are ridiculously friendly. Like they love to make friends and love to let you into their homes to talk about God. Like seriously. Mexicans are very easy to trust and love because they trust and love easily. It´s very nice. The Members are very good at missionary work and it seems like we get referrals more than half the time we ask for them. My companion is also amazing with people. He is really good at teaching very clearly and just all around an amazing missionary.  Oh also Street tacos are against the rules to eat, so I am not going to try one. lol
There are Dogs Everywhere.
Elder Christoferson We had an apostle in torreón this week. Elder D. Todd Christopherson. I think it´s funny that my companion just calls him, "the apostle" in a very reverent tone. He spoke to us twice, on sat…


Holy cow mi amigos. This has been wild.
The Last week in the CCM We had three general authorities teach us in one week. Elder Renlund on tuesday, Tad R Callister on Wednesday, and Bishop Davies on Sunday. My favorite speaker was Bishop Davies because he was kind of a loose cannon and I really enjoyed his spirit. haha he was really excited to teach us.
That beautiful parrot really quick. A parrot flew into our class room this week at the ccm. I saw it happen. I am a witness. It was the cutest dang parrot. like nobody can understand. It was really derpy and it kept waddling around and flying into things and falling over. It waddled on my shoe and it waddled on Elder Curran´s scriptures while he was studying. freaking cute. You better believe we wrapped that beautiful parrot in a blanket and threw him out the window.
I accidentally gave away my english hymnal it was a present from my brother. Scott, I´m sorry about this. We were at the airport with my generation all ready to get going to o…


May 29th, 2017
Hey guys. I made it to the field. This is just an email to say that I made it. This is my mission President and his wife. My next pday will be on next Monday. I have a feeling next email will be too big to fit in one email. love you guys.
Elder Grilliot

Hola! CCM final Week

This is the last week at the CCM for us. Next week I´ll be in Mexico. It feels good to be moving. fI really feel like I will learn spanish two or three times faster in the field. But I love the comfort of the CCM and our teachers are the best. I will really miss this group. It definately feels like I have known these guys for longer than six weeks.

Tad R. Callister Elder Callister is going to speak to us tonight. Elder Renlund spoke last night via broadcast from provo. But I´m really excited to hear from Elder Callister tonight. He is a boss.
My Arm This week I woke up and my arm was asleep in a really good way. My fingers were tingling for like an hour. I woke up the next day and it still felt funny. lol
Singing This is another wierd thought but i´m pretty sure that ever since i´ve been set apárt i´ve been better at singing. like sometimes i´m just singing and im like "wow i usually don´t sing that well"
The Field is coming This is our last week. some of us in our district have…

WEEK 5 at the CCM Elder Grilliot Reporting in

These are the boys of our generation. And most of our district. Elder Bowlby on the Far Left. hahaha 
Love these guys

Photos that my comp sent me. Elder Fielding is blond on the right. And the Shorter one is Elder Spunaugle.

This week has been pretty chill. everything is moving along and we are waiting to be released into the field. We´ve got about a week and a half left to go. This week especially i´ve felt like our district is getting really close. I love these dudes and it will be sad to say goodbye. We have developed a good team vibe. a brotherhood.

Greencards We went into the city last week to get our green cards. It is always cool to go outside of the walls into the city. In immigration we saw some white people who weren´t LDS. Which was kinda neat. We saw some street tacos and the other Elders are way sketched out about street tacos, like a taco vender on the street. They have heard bad stories about missionaries getting really sick because the food isn´t prepared quite right. I´mj…