August 7th, 2017

what is up? so much happened this week

temple trip
k we went to the temple this week but i want to start the story a little before that, there is too much to say.
First we got a call from a family in the ward this week, friday, they said that they had some problems and we went over and they told us about how they had gotten into a really bad fight with their neighbors over the garbage and it was really ugly, they asked for blessings because they were all beat up a bit, they hadn´t started the fight. they asked for blessings and we gave them blessings and then they drove us home and it started pouring rain, like alot, it never rains here, and when i got out of the car my scriptures fell in a puddle and got wet and all of my flashcards fell out of my pocket into the water and i gathered everything together and i was pretty upset, but we needed to go go go to get ready for the temple, and so i ran to get everything together and my clothes that i had laid out to dry outside were soaking wet from the rain, and then the power went out, and just everything was going wrong and i was pretty frustrated, and then we went to the temple and we got in a bus with another ward and drove through the night and heck the city of monterrey is so beautiful. like really, the mountains are huge, the biggest i´ve ever seen, and green, deep green all the way to the top, we were there for a sealing but we got to do every ordinece in the temple except for baptisms, and there were actually three families sealed that day from that ward and we got to see all of them w}hich was really cool. It was elder calderón´s second time in the temple because he is a convert and it was cool to talk about stuff with him. he is super doctrinally educated, like all of his mission he has studied the heck out of the scriptures to become a scholar of the scriptures. We came home and imediatedly ran to the chapel to prepare for a baptism and like nothing was ready and we couldn´t figure out how to open the doors to the font because it was locked, and neither of us had slept but elder caldero´n was such a champ. he has 1 week left in his mission really, in two thursdays he will be back in his casa.

this week i saw the poorest living conditions that i have ever seen in my life, they were recent converts of elder higgins and elder bermudez, it´s a married couple and the live in like a wooden tent out in the desert. in a room about the size of my bedroom, they have two matresses propped up on cinderblocks and a tv on top of a dresser, that was hard to understand what i was looking at, but they seem really happy, sincerely. 

richard is doing better he is in his house in bed rest, his stomach is doing great, but he has a fever and an infection and he didn´t know why, but yesterday, totally by chance, we brought the family with us that was in the fight, the family Oro, because this family is gold, I love them so much, really like most of my joy in this ward comes from this family, it was their grand daughter taht was baptized this week, they are awesome and so sincere and good members, like the brother oro after the fight, with his face all bruised up and gashes in his head from a stick that he got trying to protect his family (the brother got the worst of the injurys and i know that he is true a peacemaker), is like"hey guys, i don´t need anytime to think this over, i forgive all of them, it isn´t my place to judge and God always has a grand proposito, i love them." and i´m like dang what a good man.
And we brought them to richard and the brother has diabetes and so he was able to understand what was happening and help richard like a ton. he told him how to test his blood and what to eat and how to take care of himself, it´s like, richard knew that he had diabetes, but he didn´t know how to treat it or how to take care of his desease, and his blood sugar had been way out of whack and he got an infection from that, and people thought that he was cutting himself or somehting and he didn´t understand what was happening to his body, he didn´t know how diabetes worked, he was like "i kept telling them that i wasn´t doing anything but they wouldn´t belive me!" really sad, but the family oro taught him everything that they need to know and offered so much support and love, i think things are going to be fine.

Elder Grilliot


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