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May 29th, 2017
Hey guys. I made it to the field. This is just an email to say that I made it. This is my mission President and his wife. My next pday will be on next Monday. I have a feeling next email will be too big to fit in one email. love you guys.
Elder Grilliot

Hola! CCM final Week

This is the last week at the CCM for us. Next week I´ll be in Mexico. It feels good to be moving. fI really feel like I will learn spanish two or three times faster in the field. But I love the comfort of the CCM and our teachers are the best. I will really miss this group. It definately feels like I have known these guys for longer than six weeks.

Tad R. Callister Elder Callister is going to speak to us tonight. Elder Renlund spoke last night via broadcast from provo. But I´m really excited to hear from Elder Callister tonight. He is a boss.
My Arm This week I woke up and my arm was asleep in a really good way. My fingers were tingling for like an hour. I woke up the next day and it still felt funny. lol
Singing This is another wierd thought but i´m pretty sure that ever since i´ve been set apárt i´ve been better at singing. like sometimes i´m just singing and im like "wow i usually don´t sing that well"
The Field is coming This is our last week. some of us in our district have…

WEEK 5 at the CCM Elder Grilliot Reporting in

These are the boys of our generation. And most of our district. Elder Bowlby on the Far Left. hahaha 
Love these guys

Photos that my comp sent me. Elder Fielding is blond on the right. And the Shorter one is Elder Spunaugle.

This week has been pretty chill. everything is moving along and we are waiting to be released into the field. We´ve got about a week and a half left to go. This week especially i´ve felt like our district is getting really close. I love these dudes and it will be sad to say goodbye. We have developed a good team vibe. a brotherhood.

Greencards We went into the city last week to get our green cards. It is always cool to go outside of the walls into the city. In immigration we saw some white people who weren´t LDS. Which was kinda neat. We saw some street tacos and the other Elders are way sketched out about street tacos, like a taco vender on the street. They have heard bad stories about missionaries getting really sick because the food isn´t prepared quite right. I´mj…

4 Weeks at (MEXICO CITY MTC)

Hoola amigos. It´s Elder Grilliot, It´s been almost a month in the CCM (mexico city MTC) and it feels kind of like home. but I feel kind of cooped up with all the class time and I have ups and downs of feeling more or less motivated to study Spanish all the time.

Studying Spanish WE GO HARD. But really we put a lot of effort in. Elder Fielding is my rock in this aspect haha. He is more motivated to learn Spanish than anyone else I know. He´s never taken any classes in Spanish and he has progressed so much. We try to speak Spanish as often as possible. We set weekly and daily goals and our teachers teach us the gospel in Spanish. I think about how much more comfortable i am now speaking Spanish that I was the first day. Like my Spanish is really weak and there is a lot that i cannot communicate, but like, the first day i remember being hesitant to say "gracious" to a Latino because I thought my pronunciation would be off. Now I just make mistakes like they are cheerios. Every …

Elder Grilliot Cinco de Mayo

Almost three weeks in the mtc. Last email i had no time. There is so much to say that I may not get through it all. Get ready boys. Here we go.

Setting Apart Becky took me to get set apart and i felt kind of nervous so I said a really lousy goodbye. Sorry becky. When I got set apart President Cook had everyone offer advice and feelings about my mission. The advice that stuck with my the most was from Bishop Barnerd, he said that as I forgot myself and focused on serving others, that I wouldn´t have to worry about my inadiquacies but that God would make the difference. I was able to Skype call my parents and sarah and renae and clark which was way rad. President cook had someone write down my blessing as it was given which was pretty amazing. I have had some of the greatest priesthood leaders. When I said goodbye to my parents over skype I felt a lot of gratitude for how much they had done for me and how solid they have been through my whole life.
The Airport It was a heck of a long fli…

So much to Tell but so Little Time

Oh man what have i done there is no time.
Okay, well i´m going to be strictly obedient and this is going to be a crappy email as a result of that. There is so much to talk about that there is no way to say it all in seven minutes, but I have a detailed list and I will not forget anything.
Most important things only. Gosh these stories are too good to rush. I´m just going to leave everyone with a heck of a teaser. haha. I had revelation in the airport that has been carrying me through this week. I´m in a Tri companionship, (three elders). I love them, man. Elder F. and Elder S. I accidently brought my phone into the MTC and so I threw it over the wall. I have been assigned District leader, There was a really spiritual prayer, my branch president is a wonderful wonderful man. I love that guy. I wept like a baby. I´ve had such intense feelings of gratitude and love this week.  We have been pushing ourselves like nuts. I feel as chill as a Mexican often times though. The Latinos are so fu…