k there is so much i have to say and i know i´m not going to get to it all. I apologize for typos, i´m going to try to type fast.

I had my first tamales from mexico and they are the best. seriously one of my favorite foods, they tell me that christmas is tamale season so watch out haha. food here is awesome it is true. haha but really it´s incredible and super fresh, i always feel healthy and full, like eating a baked potato, it´s just gosh dang wholesome. Still, sometimes i just want a big fat messy burger or a pizza. oh also i eat a lot of sugar in mexico, like i think it´s because i am a missionary and members buy us a lot of sweets.
oh hey there is an ice cream place that is freakinhg legit, food is cheap here in mexico, like eating out is cheap, groceries are about the same, but we can buy a FAT ice cream cone, like almost as wide as my head, for 15 pesos, which is like 80 cents. frreaking legit my man.

The Ward
The first sacrament meeting that i went to in mexico. we showed up like literally an hour early to help set up, and we waited for a while and no one was there, like no one was showing up. the time came for the meeting and no one was there, like probably two families, and the bishop, like 12 people, and we sat a little longer and five minutes after, the bishop starts the meeting, he starts making announcements and stuff, and there are litteraly 12 people in the chapel, and i´m like, "heck, is this my ward? 12 people??" and as the meeting starts people start coming in, and coming in, it is a full ward, 70 ish people, but every single person is late. haha we lock the door during sacrament meeting to punish the people that come late. haha no but we do lock the door, and still about a fourth of the ward shows up after sacrament meeting, it´s kind of sad, i don´t really like that. my companion says that it is a big problem in the church in mexico.

it´s hot here
nobody i´ve asked uses accuweather or anything like that but according to reports we have had several days that have approached 120 degrees fahrenheit. i have sun block, and it is dry heat so its not nearly as bad as 120 would be in IL, i imagine that it´s about the equal of 90 or so in IL.

hermano Gato
he is a less active member with a really interesting story and a really sincere heart, I have a lot of love for this guy. We visited him this week and he told us of a really difficult decision that he had to make for his family and we asked him if he had prayed about it and he told us that he had but had not received an answer, we had stake conference this week and my comp basically told this hermano. "hermano gato, by the authority of the priesthood of God I promise you that if you attend stake conference this sunday God will answer your question and you will know what to do" The spirit witnessed to me that the promise was true, it was a very powerful moment. he told us that he would go, and he believed the promise of God. but when sunday came he didn´t attend, what trash. still, you have to meet this guy, he is really  trying, much love.

Hermana Brown
The same day that we talked to Hermano gato, we found hermana browm, she lives in a street that i remember well, because i was reasonably sure that the street was cursed, we had tracked that entire street, knocking on every door, and the people were unusually mean. like mexicans are among the most friendly people on earth, but this fetching street. people didn´t want nothing to do with us haha, and so when we came back to that same street i wasn´t very hopeful. But we found Hermana Brown sitting in her front porch, delighted to see us, She ran and got chairs for us to sit in and cried when we said the opening prayer, she said "I don´t know why but i just feel so good around you, I´m filled with gratitude to my God" And I really felt the love of God for this sister, We showed her the book of mormon and she taught us about how the aztecs and mayans were waiting for the great white God who is jesus christ, and that the mexican people are elect because they are descendants of israel. and i was like"heck." it was pretty amazing. we left that meeting and she gave both of us a flower from her garden. I was filled with love as we walked back to our casa that night, and i wept man, like a baby. That was one of the happiest moments of my mission so far.

Elder Grilliot slam bam jam


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