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New Camera!

Elder Saico

 My goofy smile look

(Here is the gentleman that is blind that I shared in this week's letter.)

okay well we have already got to go but man wasn´t it cool that i sent pictures this week?
more next week probably

some higlights from this week

some of our friends told us some wack stories
we talked with this guy who is really cool, he used so much drugs that he went blind, and then he left all the drugs and he told us that he is much happier blind than he ever was being an addict, he told us about the way that an addicts mind works and it´s really ugly. it really opened my mind. Drugs ruined his life and he has scars all up his arms because he tried to kill himslef with a razor. now he´s a really happy delightful blind man. his dad shined our shoes, his dad is ex police, he has some crazy stories too, he was almost killed a few times. like they kidnapped him and beat him up and let him go in the middle of nowhere. 

we left an investigatora that was really cool but also really crazy. her names jenny. actually there should bee a photo included of all these guys


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