WEEK 5 at the CCM Elder Grilliot Reporting in

These are the boys of our generation. And most of our district. Elder Bowlby on the Far Left. hahaha 
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Photos that my comp sent me. Elder Fielding is blond on the right. And the Shorter one is Elder Spunaugle.
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This week has been pretty chill. everything is moving along and we are waiting to be released into the field. We´ve got about a week and a half left to go. This week especially i´ve felt like our district is getting really close. I love these dudes and it will be sad to say goodbye. We have developed a good team vibe. a brotherhood.

We went into the city last week to get our green cards. It is always cool to go outside of the walls into the city. In immigration we saw some white people who weren´t LDS. Which was kinda neat. We saw some street tacos and the other Elders are way sketched out about street tacos, like a taco vender on the street. They have heard bad stories about missionaries getting really sick because the food isn´t prepared quite right. I´mj not afraid of street tacos my friends. The very first day in the field I will eat street tacos. mark my words.

This is maybe worth mentioning. A few weeks ago a few of us had a bunch of money missing from our casa. like four elders in our district had their money stolen while it was locked in their closet. all together it was a few hundred dollars in US currency. I haven´t exchanged any cash yet but i´ll try to be careful. I don´t have a lock to my closet though. haha the attitude of the district about it is pretty good though.

Elder Bowlby
Elder Bowlby just made a character out of the robbery though. He is a heck of an artist and he draws all the time. He made animations before the mission. And he is very creative and so easy to make friends with. Such a humble missionary. I love Elder Bowlby. He draws doodles of all the rest of us in the district and tells stories with his drawings. He is also very advanced in spanish. So advanced that I´m worried about him feeling bored at the CCM. He says it doesn´t bother Him. But like, His spanish is great, He´s been ready to go since the start as far as the language. I really feel like all of us will learn spanish two or three times faster in the field when we are forced to speak it all of the time. Here we can get away with very broken spanish.

Peace out my peeps. Our schedule will be a little different for the last week, and so I will have my next PDay on a wednesday. So i´ll write again then.

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Some radical photos that my comp sent me. Elder Fielding is blond on the right. And the Shorter one is Elder Spunaugle. That is a really funny picture of him by the way haha.
The CCM is a temple. I don´t have a cord for my camera to upload photos. But trust me i have some good ones. There is an online option for my camera but there is not enough time to figure out how to use it.
 Love you guys.

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