So much to Tell but so Little Time

Oh man what have i done there is no time.
Okay, well i´m going to be strictly obedient and this is going to be a crappy email as a result of that. There is so much to talk about that there is no way to say it all in seven minutes, but I have a detailed list and I will not forget anything.

Most important things only.
Gosh these stories are too good to rush. I´m just going to leave everyone with a heck of a teaser. haha.
I had revelation in the airport that has been carrying me through this week.
I´m in a Tri companionship, (three elders). I love them, man. Elder F. and Elder S.
I accidently brought my phone into the MTC and so I threw it over the wall.
I have been assigned District leader, There was a really spiritual prayer, my branch president is a wonderful wonderful man. I love that guy. I wept like a baby.
I´ve had such intense feelings of gratitude and love this week. 
We have been pushing ourselves like nuts.
I feel as chill as a Mexican often times though. The Latinos are so fun haha
Learning Spanish. Elder F. has faced serious discouragement. I gave him a blessing. very spiritual, made some promises.
Him and I had a discussion about discouragement.
Elder B. had a breakdown, i felt God really proud of me as I comforted him.
they gave me Spanish scriptures.
SO SO SO sorry i have to go, i have a concise list. no time for pictures.

Elder Grilliot


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