Hola! CCM final Week

This is the last week at the CCM for us. Next week I´ll be in Mexico. It feels good to be moving. fI really feel like I will learn spanish two or three times faster in the field. But I love the comfort of the CCM and our teachers are the best. I will really miss this group. It definately feels like I have known these guys for longer than six weeks.

Tad R. Callister
Elder Callister is going to speak to us tonight. Elder Renlund spoke last night via broadcast from provo. But I´m really excited to hear from Elder Callister tonight. He is a boss.

My Arm
This week I woke up and my arm was asleep in a really good way. My fingers were tingling for like an hour. I woke up the next day and it still felt funny. lol

This is another wierd thought but i´m pretty sure that ever since i´ve been set apárt i´ve been better at singing. like sometimes i´m just singing and im like "wow i usually don´t sing that well"

The Field is coming
This is our last week. some of us in our district have been really concerned about the language or travel can be stressful for some. Everyone is excited for a change. I know it will be good. I´m not concerned about spanish. I know I will be fine. But this has been a tougher week. I´m looking forward with faith, I know that God trusts me and He will continue to take care of me as He always has.

I´ve seen some tender mercies this week. Even as trivial as God supplying me with some bathroom supplies that I was low on. I know that in the CCM my every physical need is taken care of in abundance, but I still feel God´s hand in these things. Things don´t just happen. God is deeply involved in our lives. This is His work, and He is really really good at it. haha

nos vemos!
Elder Grilliot

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