really short
second week in the field. I´m going to make this faster because I have a lot of emails that I haven´t had a chance to read yet. today I´m just going to read and respond if that's chill

This has been a tough week in truth. It´s difficult to communicate my feelings with my companion effectively, but he is very patient. I´ve also seen great blessings and tender mercies this week, trials always teach us about our savior.

People here think that my red cheeks are because of the sun, they are always asking me about my sunburn haha

We gave a lot of blessings this week. In every blessing I´m a little confused because I don´t know what the blessing is for. One blessing in particular I had no idea why we were giving it,it was for a wealthy strong body building type of dude who seems like he has his life pretty well put together. and I´m the one giving the blessing and in honesty, I don´t understand why he asked for a blessing. And in the blessing I keep talking about his work and blessing him with success, and i really don´t understand why, in my mind i´m thinking "this is all wrong, he needs to think less about work and spend more time with his family" but I bless his work anyway. We finish the blessing and i walk away feeling a little like i had failed. two days later my companion casually mentions that that brother has been especially stressed about his work because he is in serious debt. Wowza. I know that if i had said the words I thought I should say, the blessing would have been totally wrong. 
Anywho, much love. Gracias por your prayers.

Elder rad dad Grilliot


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