completing my first week in the field. It´s been a wild time. many many stories. I don´t think i´ll have time.

How we work
We walk around the streets of gomez talking to people. People in mexico are ridiculously friendly. Like they love to make friends and love to let you into their homes to talk about God. Like seriously. Mexicans are very easy to trust and love because they trust and love easily. It´s very nice.
The Members are very good at missionary work and it seems like we get referrals more than half the time we ask for them. My companion is also amazing with people. He is really good at teaching very clearly and just all around an amazing missionary. 
Oh also Street tacos are against the rules to eat, so I am not going to try one. lol

There are Dogs Everywhere.

Elder Christoferson
We had an apostle in torreón this week. Elder D. Todd Christopherson. I think it´s funny that my companion just calls him, "the apostle" in a very reverent tone. He spoke to us twice, on saturday with just missionaries, and then again on sunday to all of the wards. Elder Christopherson speaks excellent spanish because he served his mission in argentina. 
On saturday I got to shake his hand and I was surprised how familiar he felt to me, like i had met him before. I felt the spirit testify to me that he was an authorized servant of Jesus Christ, it was a cool experience.
On sunday we had many speakers and it was all in spanish and I had pretty well zoned out because I didn´t understand. My companion translated a little for me, so I had a general idea what the talk was about, but not phrase by phrase, which was fine. But When Elder Christopherson started speaking, to this moment I don´t know what his talk was about, but The spirit started teaching me, and I had ideas and feelings flooding into my mind and heart, and i grabbed a pen and started writing it all down. God answered questions that I´ve been praying about since the start of the CCM. It was a really cool experience to see how the language of the spirit goes beyond language barriers.


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