Oh my gosh.. I just now realized that tomorrow is the 4th of July! wow! haha, it doesn´t mean anything here in mexico, and the "cuatro de julio" doesn´t sound the same to me. Only just now when i wrote the title i realized that it was july. haha wow. have a great america day everybody. I´ll celebrate with a PBnJ sammich

Today and last week we did crossfit with some other missionaries. The bishop has a crossfit gym and he is really generous and lets us use it on our p days, the work outs that he gives us are super brutal. hahaha it´s a good time. it feels good for my body.

This week i think the sleepies really hit me. I get 8 hours of sleep every night, or more. but i´m still tired alot.

Spicy stuff
I can eat spicy foods, a lot of mexicans are not used to a gringo who can do the spicy. It´s the key to winning the hearts and souls of the members. Eat chilies. haha

I´m learning more and more all the time. The biggest hurdle right now is understanding people. I can talk and be understood as long as i teach really really simple. but understanding is difficult. but i can tell it is a lot easier than in the biggining. with certain members that i couldn´t understand anything, i can understand a lot more. And I understand almost everything that my companion says, like in lessons and when we are planning or in the street. But some people are just hecka difficult to understand, like they mumble or speak quietly, or talk really fast and slur their words, and i´m like "yo i can´t" but it´s all good. I have five weeks in the field right now. i have tons of hope that i´ll be understanding like a champ in the future.
Oh it´s weird to speak english right now. like, english feels funny. because i´m not using it. like, I only use spanish. pretty much all the time. Yesterday an investigator asked me to give the prayer in english and so I did, and it felt really weird. I spoke really slowly and clearly. It´s weird because I´m translating the really simple phrases that i know in spanish back into english and then saying them.
Also a cool experience with the gift of tongues, I really do have a testimony that God is helping me to learn spanish. it was last week that we were meeting with an investigator and we hadn´t seen him for over two weeks, and two weeks before i couldn´t hardly understand, and we were teaching the investigator that the gift of tongues doesn´t mean speaking gibberish like some churches do. And My comp, Elder Calderón, my champion, my papa, said something like "see my companion here has the gift of tongues, he has been in mexico for about a month and he is speaking spanish, things that edify and invite people to come unto christ" and the investigator said "well it´s one thing to talk but he can´t understand anything, you need to be able to talk and understand" and i interrupted him "yes, speaking and understanding, both are very important," and then i bore my testimony of the gift of tongues, and I felt the spirit witness that yes, I have God´s help in this thing, he is helping me learn and speak spanish in order to do his work. 
Really my spanish is pretty rough, and every single day something silly will happen because i don´t understand what´s happening haha, i´m almost always a little confused what  is happening. but grateful for my testimony that i´m not alone.

Elder Grilliot G dog fresh

oh yeah we have a new president and i´ll be meeting him tomorrow.,
also we had pancakes for the sacrement yesterday hahaha


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