Receiving My Mission Call

The story of getting my mission call.
I think I have a unique experience with opening my mission call and it's worth sharing. I was pretty nervous about getting a call to an area that I thought was lame. Particularly afraid of being called on a family history mission in SLC or something. (no offense to those called on family history missions) I wanted to feel really useful and go somewhere where I really felt like I could do some good. I know it is better to give your trust to God and have faith that he knows what is best for you, but it was difficult to feel that way all the time.
With these feelings in the back of my mind, I find myself on a bus from the Salt Lake City airport back to Rexburg. I had just had a heck of a night sleeping (barely) in the airport, and I knew that my call was unopened; waiting for me in Rexburg. So I'm sitting on this bus praying and reading the Book of Mormon, thinking about the call that I'm going to open in just a few hours.
When we were just about 30 minutes out of town, something happened. The details aren't overly important, but what happened to me was. I was comforted about my mission call.
Later I have my mission call and I find a good spot and I summon the fam, and I'm all by myself waiting for people to show up so that I can open it. I wrote in my journal and recorded these feelings.
"My call is a gift to me from God, because He loves me, not because I deserve it. It seemed that Christ was pleased with the call He had given me and just knew how much I'd like it.
I saw all the pain that I had gone through to get to that point and I just cried at His love for me. Thank you God. I feel like I can trust God with this mission. It's His work, much bigger than me.
I would rather go to SLC with a grateful heart that go to every other mission with a proud heart"
When I did open my mission call. I didn't feel nervous or worried. I felt profoundly peaceful. And when I saw that I was going to Mexico it just sounded so right. I'm deeply grateful for my mission call. Not everyone would be so enthusiastic about Mexico, but God knew my heart and He made the call. I really believe that my call was not made by some apostle who had never met me, but it was made by Jesus Christ who knows everything about me.


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